Causes of Angular Cheilitis

Angular cheilitis in simple terms is severe chapped lips. It is caused by a bacterial infection that just tears your lips apart. There are several ways to contract angular cheilitis but it is important first to know what to watch for so that you know if you have angular cheilitis. First, severely chapped lips are something that everyone gets. Another sign is cracked lips, these are very painful and worth time get worse and worse, eventually bleeding and in severe cases exuding pus.

If you have dentures then you are on one of the fastest paths to get angular cheilitis. The reason that people with dentures are most susceptible is because it can be so easy to get ill fitting dentures. If dentures don’t support the muscles of your face then moisture will sit in the corners of your mouth and become infected. It is vitally important to keep the corners clear of moisture because it is the perfect place for bacteria to sit and cause problems.

Another big cause of Angular Cheilitis has to do with diet. The good news about this cause is that it is easily fixed. If you have a vitamin deficiency or an mineral deficiency or anemia then an increase in what you are lacking will give your body they necessary resources to fight angular cheilitis. Increasing your iron can take angular cheilitis completely away if for instance that is what your diet was lacking. Then you just can learn to watch for the subtle symptoms to return to let you know that you need to change increase your iron and it will prevent angular chelitis.

Bad habits is the most avoidable cause for angular cheilitis. Things like licking your lips or biting your lips will eventually lead to this disease. Also anyone who constantly wipes the corners of their mouth constantly puts themselves at risk because it can develop sores and infect that area of your mouth. It is bad habits like these that make you prone to angular cheilitis because they usually happen many, many times throughout the day. It’s the over and over motion of licking or biting that wear the lips down and make them sensitive.

Angular Cheilitis is a painful disease that takes a conscious effort to avoid and cure. Our lips are used constantly throughout the day, for eating, talking, kissing, facial expressions and more but often we don’t take notice until they are in pain. Learn the how to cure your angular cheilitis by researching everything you can about it.