Cure your Angular Cheilitis Fast

Before we start treating the angular cheilitis we need to know the exact cause and see with what kind of cheilitis we are dealing with.

There are several causes for Angular Cheilitis:

The condition can be caused by bacteria (which would make it a bacterial infection), but it can also be caused by yeast (similar to a candida infection).

For this reason it is always  advised to visit a dermatologist which can do a proper diagnosis for the actual cause of the infection. There are further factors which can be responsible for the condition. One of the reasons is bad nutrition with a lack of certain vitamins in the diet. The doctor might then recommend vitamin supplements helping with the healing process. It is always a good idea to eat healthy foods rich in vitamins, and Cheilitis is no exception.

Angular Cheilitis caused by candida fungus

For this kind of infection we can use anti fungal medication and steroids. Mycolog II Cream is common as well as Mycostatin. Those medications act both as an anti fungal and steroid combined where the anti fungal component gets rid of the candida/yeast and the steroid component is calming the swelling and sores around the mouth.

Needless to say that caution is advised since steroids can have side-effects when swallowed by mistake.

Treatment for Angular Cheilitis caused by bacteria

The doctor might prescribe antibiotics, either internally or externally. In case of bacterial infection it might be a good idea to look over your diet since bad nutrition can often weaken the immune system. With a better, healthier diet the immune system can be strengthened and the chances for infections can be reduced.

Further tips:

If you wear dentures, make sure the dentures fit right. If they dont fit right they might be causing pockets in the corners of the mouth which are a breeding grounds for bacteria. It is also crucial to keep the dentures always clean and disinfected. Use available cleaning solutions to get rid of the bacteria and fungus on the dentures. You can also soak the dentures in one part bleach and 10 parts water over night to get rid of bacteria.

Use lip balm if you think you are licking your lips too often. The saliva is bad because the moisture can provide another breeding ground for bacteria.

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